Welcome to Sno-Valley Mushrooms--proudly located just north of Duvall, King County, Washington State, USA. We grow wood-loving mushrooms to feed the families of Seattle, the Greater Eastside, and King County. Our fresh mushrooms and fruiting substrates are available year round at the region's finest farmers markets, grocers, restaurants, and distributors. Check out our website to learn more about the varieties we cultivate, meet the farmers, and find where you can locate our mushrooms!

COVID-19 UPDATE: Sno-Valley Mushrooms continues to cultivate and distribute mushrooms to our customers despite the closure of our amazing farmers markets, and other profound changes to our society coming about as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic of 2019-2020. We take the safety and health of our customers, employees, and family members, and every human very seriously, and we have adapted to a socially-distanced model of mushroom farming and direct distribution that matches the epidemiological concerns of our time.

Local Customers: Please visit our online pre-order and pickup system at snovalleymushrooms.square.site

If you're not from the area but would like to grow some mushrooms at home, we sell fruiting substrates with domestic free shipping via Etsy!

Thanks for visiting! 

Rowan and Will, Owner/Operators